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Mary and Jesus

i wanted everything to be perfect for you, I wanted you to come into the world in the calmest, naturalist way possible but now your mother tells me you are breech so she will very probably have to have a cesarean. I can't tell you how freaked out I am about this and how worried I am about you both. But i guess this is my first lesson, that I cant make everything okay for you, that i can't protect you from everything


Please be very careful what you say to the mother about this! It is very stressful having your hopes and dream overthrown when you wanted the birth of your child to be one way, and are told that for safety reasons you should do something else. The last thing the mother needs is other people telling her she is doing the wrong thing, or stressing at her about it. (Just a warning - mothers take all this very personally, even if you don't mean it that way. I know lots of mothers who feel like they "failed" or "chickened out" because they needed a C-section.)

Bottom line - a C-section is harder on the mother (more recovery time) but safer for the baby. In the end, it doesn't matter than much how you arrive in this world as long as you get there safely! (Both my children were highly medically involved births, for a variety of reasons, but they are here and well, and I'm well, so we're all happy!)
Her mother is actually surprisingly mellow about the whole situation. I'm not telling her shes doing the wrong thing nor would I, I know that sometimes cesareans are necessary
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May 2010

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