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Mary and Jesus

i wanted everything to be perfect for you, I wanted you to come into the world in the calmest, naturalist way possible but now your mother tells me you are breech so she will very probably have to have a cesarean. I can't tell you how freaked out I am about this and how worried I am about you both. But i guess this is my first lesson, that I cant make everything okay for you, that i can't protect you from everything


I'm sure that the baby will come out fine, whether it's a natural birth or a c-section. My nephew was breech, and he had almost entered the birth canal when they decided to go with a c-section - very late notice, but everything turned out fine. He's healthy, and the mother only has one scar to show for the ordeal.

The days have passed when a c-section was significantly more unhealthy for the baby due to the fluid not being pressed out of the baby's lungs by the birth canal; the medical field has developed enough to ensure that it's very healthy and safe for the baby and mother alike - even though the recovery process is prolonged and painful for the mother.

Try not to stress out about this in front of the mother - it's said that when you're liable to start stressing, the worst thing to be around is people who are stressing over the same stressor!

It's quite likely that everything will be a-ok in the end, so have hope ♥
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May 2010

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