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this is not a world I would wish you to be born in. it is a big dark scary place for too many people, It is changing fast and dangerously

But you are being born into this world and I am grateful that you are blessed to be born into the family you are, Your mothers family are a strong, steady, compassionate, loving family, they are the most emotionally healthy family I have ever met, without them, their support and love, I would not be here writing this to you, waiting for you to be born

Like your mother you are lucky, from the day you are born you will be lucky, but you may not always be lucky, you may not always have the privilege the rest of your family has and despite them, despite my love for them i don't know how they will deal with this. You may be disabled, Gay, trans, you may not choose this faith, and some of these things are so out of their frame of reference they wont even know how to talk about it

My job I think is to make you see that god loves you no matter what. That you are and always will be beautiful in gods eyes, who ever you are or choose to be

My job is hold back the dark for you, and when we, myself, your parents, your grandparents, your aunt, fail in that, as we will, my job is to help you patch yourself back together

My job is to help you carve out a space for you to be yourself in and teach you that other people deserve their own space to be themselves in,


Hi - found you from the lib_Christians board.

As someone who is both a godparent and has children for whom I had to choose godparents - I would add that there is one thing missing from this description of godparenting.

That is the aspect of struggling with faith and to be a faithful disciple. The godparents do this both through their examples of faith and through their examples of failure and forgiveness. Godparents don't need to have all the answers, but it is *vitally* important that they be able to listen and grapple with the questions. Especially, if it is true as you've pointed out, that this might be an area where the parents struggle.
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